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Aerial view of a large, luxurious two-story home with blue-gray shingles, featuring several solar panels on the roof, set amidst a vast, grassy landscape with neatly trimmed bushes and a curving driveway.
Dylan Coonrad
Dylan Coonrad
Onsite Energy has been an amazing partner during our journey to solar. After conversations with MANY companies, including the large national ones, Onsite consistently went above and beyond. Mike, our salesman, was a true professional. Being in the industry for years, he was an expert in everything and anything solar. He was also incredibly responsive and easy to talk to. Of all the salesmen I talked with, Mike taught me the most and was the most friendly. I also have been in communication with Ryon, the owner and president. He's actively involved in all projects. And the install team was stellar--friendly, fast, and talented. What I like most about Onsite is their responsiveness and local presence. Our system is just about to go on line and I am so glad I chose Onsite.
Robert Gruffi
Robert Gruffi
OnSite Energy is the solution if you're looking to install solar. We had spent months looking for an installer who provided superior products that function and visually look great, listened to our wants and needs, and provided a turn-key solution. From our initial consult with Eddie, working with Ryon to work out the final array configuration, to the talented crew who installed the system; their professionalism, attentiveness, and responsiveness are unmatched. The meticulousness and neatness of our installation have neighbors and friends wanting to use OnSite Energy and those who already have solar, wishing they had used OnSite Energy. As the Owner, Ryon is available and involved in every step of the process to provide answers and updates . His friendly approach and knowledge of the systems and industry validate our decision in going with OnSite Energy. Our system has been operational for a few months and have no regrets. We would not hesitate to recommend OnSite Energy for anyone looking to have a solar system installed.
Gary Cohen
Gary Cohen
Ryan and the team at Onsite Energy were fantastic to work with. They were professional, on time and very responsive when I had questions. The install went smoothly and everything been working great.
Walt W
Walt W
OnSite Energy was everything we had hoped for in a solar installer. Ryon, the owner, was often on site himself and always ready and willing to answer any questions or see to any issues. This same responsiveness and professionalism was present from the first initial site walk until the final day of the job and beyond. OnSite's customer first attitude is refreshing and very much appreciated. Beyond the top notch customer service, they offer high quality, American made panels at a competitive price. They installed everything on schedule and arranged for all necessary inspections in a timely fashion. I can't speak directly to the workmanship of the panel install as I have quite the steep roof, but situated on top of a large hill we see plenty of wind. Despite the crazy wind gusts, snow, ice and rain storms over the past several months, we have had no leaks, panel damage or hiccups with generation. Overall, OnSite, and Ryon specifically, are top notch and we would not hesitate to do business with them again in the future or to recommend them to others.
Wilson Brito
Wilson Brito
Onsite Energy was such a pleasure to do business with. They are professional, responsible, personable and on time. Ryon Hayman - president of the company - walked me through every step of the way and explained with certainty how everything works. From the initial explanation of the benefits of solar to final steps of approval, my family and I feel confident in the product we purchased. The panels were installed with care and perfection. Ryon and his crew were also very cognizant of health and safety when entering our home, which we absolutely appreciate having three little girls. They continue to be very responsive even when we had chimney issues (literally days after the panels were installed). I couldn’t have asked for a better team of professionals. I look forward saving tons of money in the future. I highly recommend Onsite.

Solar Installation in Rockland County, NY

Go solar for a reduction in monthly electricity payments.
Ready to gain energy independence from Orange and Rockland or your third party energy provider? As trends shift toward renewable energy and the Rockland County power grid becomes less reliable and more expensive, more and more residents and business owners are making the switch to solar energy.
Aerial view of a modern two-story house with a prominent array of solar panels on the roof, surrounded by lush green trees in a residential area.
Our goal:
Save you money on your electric bill, and make you money by increasing home value.

But is a solar energy system affordable?

Until recent years, switching your home or business’s energy system to solar was often an expensive, complex, and stressful experience. For many, it simply didn’t make financial sense to switch away from conventional energy.

Nowadays, there’s never been a better time to install solar panels in your home or business. With money-saving tax credits and incentives, financing options, and our team at Onsite Energy to help New Yorkers navigate the change, solar energy has never been more accessible—or affordable.

Call us at Onsite Energy today to connect with the premier solar installer in Rockland County, NY. We offer residential and commercial installation of solar panel systems. With our expert installation services and customer support, enjoy the peace of mind of having lower energy bills and cleaner, more reliable electricity.

Ready to get started with your residential or commercial solar energy system?

Why Hire Onsite Energy as Your Solar Contractor in Rockland County

The impacts of switching to solar extend far beyond cost savings. Not only will you experience reduced energy bills and peace of mind, but you’ll also raise your property value and reduce your carbon footprint.

Close-up aerial shot showing a large roof covered with rows of solar panels, with the sun casting shadows on the grassy backyard.
Aerial view of a modern two-story house with a prominent array of solar panels on the roof, surrounded by lush green trees in a residential area.
an aerial view of a house with a car parked in front showing solar panel installation
A brick single-story house with a solar panel system installed on both the roof and an attached carport. The house has a large front yard and sits in a serene neighborhood.

Benefits of Working with Onsite Energy, the Top Solar Panel Installer in Rockland County, NY

When you hire us at Onsite Energy as your solar panel installer in Rockland County, NY, you’ll:

Save thousands of dollars in energy costs each year

Take advantage of solar incentives and tax credits that can save you even more

Protect yourself from power outages due to local power grid failures

Avoid weather-related power outages with stored solar energy

Stop being a victim of big energy company's overpriced and variable electric costs

Preserve our environment by using eco-friendly solar panels with no carbon output

Experience the peace of mind of being energy independent thanks to Onsite Energy

Save Money on Your Solar Panel Installation in Rockland County, NY

Though solar panel installation comes with upfront costs, the long-term savings of solar energy dramatically outweigh the initial investment. But ditching the sky-high power company rates isn’t the only benefit. Homeowners and business owners who switch to solar energy often drastically reduce or even eliminate their usage of non-solar generated electricity completely.

We can help Rockland County residents and business owners check their eligibility for government tax credits and solar incentives, including:

Federal Solar Tax Credit

Deduct 30% of the cost of your solar installation from your federal taxes

New York State Solar Equipment Tax Credit

Deduct 25% of the cost of your solar installation from your state taxes.

These credits and incentives can cover a substantial portion of your installation.

At Onsite Energy, we offer financing with competitive rates for the costs that incentives and tax credits don’t cover.

A suburban home painted blue, featuring several patches of solar panels on its sloped roof. The house has a spacious backyard with a wooden deck and is surrounded by trees.
Top-down aerial shot of a house with a shingled roof almost entirely covered by a large array of solar panels, situated in a green, grassy area.
A modern two-story house with a section of the roof covered in solar panels, bathing in soft sunlight. The surrounding area is lush with dense trees and a neatly kept backyard.

Call now to learn more about how Onsite Energy can save your family or business money on your electrical bills. For a no-obligation consult, call (845) 244-1944 today!

Why Should I Install a Roof Solar Panel System?

With different NY solar provider options available, it can be unclear which solar installers in Rockland County are the right choice for your home or business.

Some community programs offer solar panel leasing programs rather than ownership, but there are limitations to the savings you can expect. Residents often find that hiring a private solar power company is the better choice.

As a local New York solar company, we’ve provided reliable solar services in New York and New Jersey since 2015. We deliver end-to-end service from the design consultation to the final walkthrough, and you’ll get some of the best warranties available.

Onsite Energy is the best choice to design and build a custom solar panel installation for your property if:

You own your property instead of rent


You want to add value to your home or business


You have a good credit score


You want the tax benefits of owning your solar system

Should you install solar panels with Onsite Energy or go the leasing route?

Aerial view of a house with vibrant terracotta-tiled roofs, equipped with blue solar panels. The house has a large chimney and is surrounded by other residential buildings.

Why We're the #1 Trusted Solar Company in Rockland County, NY

We don’t just provide expert installation of the latest solar energy systems. From assisting with navigating tax credits and solar energy incentives to providing continuous monitoring services post-installation, we’re here for you each step of the way. So why are we the best solar contractor in Rockland County?

Onsite Energy is proud to provide the following:

In-depth information about our cutting-edge solar systems

Assessment of your home or business and guidance on choosing the best solar energy system for you

Assistance with applying for tax breaks and incentives

Help working with building departments, local utilities, and state rebate programs

Competitive financing options

Expert installation by knowledgeable solar installers

25-year warranty on products and solar installation in Rockland County, NY

Continued monitoring of your system post-installation

With the best solar systems available on the market and the best customer service in the business, Onsite Energy is the top choice for your solar company in Rockland County, NY.

Rockland County Towns We Install Solar In

Don’t go another day relying on Rockland County’s unreliable power grid. Call (845) 244-1944 for your free consultation — and gain energy independence!

Aerial view of a two-story house with a grey and blue exterior, featuring multiple solar panels on the darker section of its sloping roof. The home is surrounded by sparse trees and a large grassy area, with a few people visible on the property.
Our goal:
Save you money on your electric bill, and make you money by increasing home value.

Why Choose Onsite Energy
as your Solar Installer?


Customized solar solutions


Top-tier customer service


Expert installation and monitoring


Assistance with financing


Innovative, high-quality solar panels


25-year warranty

Let us become your Rockland County, NY solar provider.

Cut the cord with your electric utility company and take advantage of the many benefits of solar power. Ready for your free consultation with the premier solar installer in Rockland County, NY? Call us now at (845) 244-1944 or fill out the form below!
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