Our Authorized Solar Dealer Program

On-Site Energy, a solar installation company with seven years of experience, recently introduced its Authorized Dealer Program to better serve customers in the lower Hudson Valley and Northern New Jersey areas. This program consists of a network of seasoned, experienced solar dealers who represent On-Site Energy to local customers.
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Dealer Program Coverage Area

The Authorized Dealer Program currently covers the seven counties north of New York City, known as the lower Hudson Valley, as well as Northern New Jersey.

Current Authorized Dealers

We are approaching 20 signed authorized dealers and are continuously expanding our network.

Dealer Onboarding Process

On-Site Energy’s thorough onboarding process for authorized dealers includes:

  • Identifying dealers by demographics and desired expansion areas.
  • Analyzing dealer business models and past partnerships.
  • Evaluating products and warranties offered.
  • Assessing dealer marketing efforts and client acquisition methods.
  • Conducting in-person visits and meetings with sales teams.
  • Ensuring philosophical alignment and willingness to maintain high levels of integrity.
  • Discussing contracts, warranties, products, and geographical areas.
  • Signing agreements and starting collaborations.
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Residential and Commercial Installations

We provide solar installations for both residential and commercial projects. We have historically acted as a subcontractor for commercial projects ranging from 100 kilowatts up to one megawatt. Residential projects are handled through the dealer program and occasionally directly by us. We plan to expand into direct commercial projects in the near future.

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Aerial view of a modern two-story house with a prominent array of solar panels on the roof, surrounded by lush green trees in a residential area.

Solar Products Installed

We install a wide range of solar products, including:

  • Solar panels
  • Inverters
  • Racking for roof and ground mounts
  • Wiring to main panel boxes
  • Specialized electrical equipment (e.g., subpanels or batteries)
On-Site Energy typically uses tier one panel brands such as Hanwha Q CELLS, Solaria, SolFab, Phono Solar, LG, and REC. Inverters are sourced from Enphase and SolarEdge, while batteries come from LG and SolarEdge. On-Site Energy is open to accommodating custom requests for specific brands or products.

Permitting Process

On-Site Energy has established relationships with county offices in the lower Hudson Valley and Northern New Jersey to facilitate the permitting process. Unlike New Jersey, where one license covers the entire state, New York operates on a county-by-county basis. As a result, On-Site Energy’s established relationships in counties such as Orange, Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, and Ulster make the permitting process more convenient for its authorized dealers.

Licensed and Insured Operations

On-Site Solar is fully licensed and insured in all the areas it operates in. The company takes great care to stay on top of changing regulations and insurance requirements, ensuring permits are approved in various counties. On-Site Solar is based in Tompkins Cove, New York, and operates in the seven counties north of New York City, including Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Ulster, and Sullivan.

Solar System Design and Forecasting with Aurora Software

On-Site Solar uses Aurora, the leading solar design software in the industry, to create precise measurements and analysis of job sites. The design team works on each project to ensure compliance with various codes and requirements, including fire setbacks, pathways, and homeowner association rules. This attention to detail minimizes change orders and potential issues down the road.

Expert Installation Staff and In-House Electricians

On-Site Solar has four full installation crews, each with a crew lead and three members. The company also partners with electricians in each county to ensure specialized expertise and timely project completion. This flexibility and network of skilled professionals allows On-Site Solar to accommodate various project needs, such as battery installations or unique electrical requirements.

Why Choose On-Site Solar Over Other Solar Companies?

Dealers can trust On-Site Solar for their expertise in licensing management, competitive pricing, and high-quality installations. With a focus on aesthetics, code compliance, and top-notch equipment, On-Site Solar aims to streamline the entire process for dealers. The company’s commitment to efficiency and dealer profitability sets it apart from competitors in the solar industry.

Red Flags Dealers Should Look for in Solar Companies

Dealers should be wary of solar companies with a short time in business or lacking proper installation expertise. Ensuring that a solar company has a solid business model and a history of successful installations is crucial for long-term support and service. On-Site Solar’s experience and commitment to quality make it a reliable choice for dealers seeking a trustworthy EPC partner.

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