On-Site Energy's Authorized Solar Dealer Program

Our solar installation company with seven years of experience, recently introduced our Authorized Dealer Program to better serve our customers in the lower Hudson Valley and Northern New Jersey areas. The region stretches from New York City’s northern suburbs to the city of Albany and includes the counties of Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange, Dutchess, and Ulster. Our program consists of a network of seasoned, experienced solar dealers who represent On-Site Energy to local customers.

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Dealer Program Coverage Area

The Authorized Dealer Program currently covers the seven counties north of New York City, known as the lower Hudson Valley, as well as Northern New Jersey.

Current Authorized Dealers

We are approaching 20 signed authorized dealers and are continuously expanding our network.

Dealer Onboarding Process

On-Site Energy’s thorough onboarding process for authorized dealers includes:

  • Identifying dealers by demographics and desired expansion areas.
  • Analyzing dealer business models and past partnerships.
  • Evaluating products and warranties offered.
  • Assessing dealer marketing efforts and client acquisition methods.
  • Conducting in-person visits and meetings with sales teams.
  • Ensuring philosophical alignment and willingness to maintain high levels of integrity.
  • Discussing contracts, warranties, products, and geographical areas.
  • Signing agreements and starting collaborations.
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Residential and Commercial Installations

We provide solar installations for both residential and commercial projects. We have historically acted as a subcontractor for commercial projects ranging from 100 kilowatts up to one megawatt. Residential projects are handled through the dealer program and occasionally directly by us. We plan to expand into direct commercial projects in the near future.

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Solar Products Installed

We install a wide range of solar products, including:

  • Solar panels
  • Inverters
  • Racking for roof and ground mounts
  • Wiring to main panel boxes
  • Specialized electrical equipment (e.g., subpanels or batteries)

We use tier one panel brands such as Hanwha Q CELLS, Solaria, SolFab, Phono Solar, LG, and REC. Inverters are sourced from Enphase and SolarEdge, while batteries come from LG and SolarEdge. On-Site Energy is open to accommodating custom requests for specific brands or products.

Permitting Process

We have established relationships with county offices in the lower Hudson Valley and Northern New Jersey to facilitate the permitting process. Unlike New Jersey, where one license covers the entire state, New York operates on a county-by-county basis. As a result, On-Site Energy’s established relationships in counties such as Orange, Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, and Ulster make the permitting process more convenient for our authorized dealers.

On-Site Solar: Navigating Complex Licensing and Building Strong Relationships

We operate in New York state, a unique environment where a single contractor license does not cover the entire state, unlike other states such as New Jersey. As a result, we hold multiple licenses across various counties, which requires us to keep them up-to-date and follow the proper training and licensing for each. Over the past seven years, we have established strong relationships with town clerks and administrative personnel handling permitting aspects of our projects. This allows for a more personalized and efficient process, leading to quicker resolutions when issues arise.

Licensing and Insurance Coverage

Our company is fully licensed and insured in all the areas we operate in, ensuring that we stay compliant with any new legislation or requirements. Our office is located in Tompkins Cove, New York, part of Stony Point in Rockland County. We operate in the surrounding counties: Orange, Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, Duchess, Ulster, and Sullivan.

System Design and Output Estimation

For our solar system designs and output estimation, we use Aurora, the leading design software in the industry. Our design team works with the software to ensure that the designs comply with various codes and take into account unique requirements for different jurisdictions, such as fire setbacks and homeowner association rules.

Installation Staff and In-House Electricians

On-Site Solar has four full installation crews, each consisting of a crew lead and three members. While our electricians tend to work in smaller geographic areas, we have established relationships with electricians in each individual county. This allows us to work with electricians who have specialized expertise and are available to complete projects in a timely manner.

Why Choose On-Site Solar?

Choosing us over other solar companies comes down to several unique propositions:

  • Expert management of licensing requirements.
  • Competitive pricing due to our cost-saving measures.
  • High-quality installations with top-notch equipment.
  • A focus on aesthetics and code compliance.

We understand the dealer’s business model and strive to make projects run smoothly and efficiently by delivering the right design, ordering and delivering the correct materials, and ensuring installations are up to code. Our experience and attention to detail help streamline the process and minimize unexpected delays.

Dealer Confidence:

As a dealer, you can feel confident that On-Site Solar can get your clients financed for their solar installation projects. We carefully select finance companies to ensure a variety of options without duplication, covering every possible financing scenario.