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Aerial view of a modern two-story house with a prominent array of solar panels on the roof, surrounded by lush green trees in a residential area.
Dylan Coonrad
Dylan Coonrad
Onsite Energy has been an amazing partner during our journey to solar. After conversations with MANY companies, including the large national ones, Onsite consistently went above and beyond. Mike, our salesman, was a true professional. Being in the industry for years, he was an expert in everything and anything solar. He was also incredibly responsive and easy to talk to. Of all the salesmen I talked with, Mike taught me the most and was the most friendly. I also have been in communication with Ryon, the owner and president. He's actively involved in all projects. And the install team was stellar--friendly, fast, and talented. What I like most about Onsite is their responsiveness and local presence. Our system is just about to go on line and I am so glad I chose Onsite.
Robert Gruffi
Robert Gruffi
OnSite Energy is the solution if you're looking to install solar. We had spent months looking for an installer who provided superior products that function and visually look great, listened to our wants and needs, and provided a turn-key solution. From our initial consult with Eddie, working with Ryon to work out the final array configuration, to the talented crew who installed the system; their professionalism, attentiveness, and responsiveness are unmatched. The meticulousness and neatness of our installation have neighbors and friends wanting to use OnSite Energy and those who already have solar, wishing they had used OnSite Energy. As the Owner, Ryon is available and involved in every step of the process to provide answers and updates . His friendly approach and knowledge of the systems and industry validate our decision in going with OnSite Energy. Our system has been operational for a few months and have no regrets. We would not hesitate to recommend OnSite Energy for anyone looking to have a solar system installed.
Gary Cohen
Gary Cohen
Ryan and the team at Onsite Energy were fantastic to work with. They were professional, on time and very responsive when I had questions. The install went smoothly and everything been working great.
Walt W
Walt W
OnSite Energy was everything we had hoped for in a solar installer. Ryon, the owner, was often on site himself and always ready and willing to answer any questions or see to any issues. This same responsiveness and professionalism was present from the first initial site walk until the final day of the job and beyond. OnSite's customer first attitude is refreshing and very much appreciated. Beyond the top notch customer service, they offer high quality, American made panels at a competitive price. They installed everything on schedule and arranged for all necessary inspections in a timely fashion. I can't speak directly to the workmanship of the panel install as I have quite the steep roof, but situated on top of a large hill we see plenty of wind. Despite the crazy wind gusts, snow, ice and rain storms over the past several months, we have had no leaks, panel damage or hiccups with generation. Overall, OnSite, and Ryon specifically, are top notch and we would not hesitate to do business with them again in the future or to recommend them to others.
Wilson Brito
Wilson Brito
Onsite Energy was such a pleasure to do business with. They are professional, responsible, personable and on time. Ryon Hayman - president of the company - walked me through every step of the way and explained with certainty how everything works. From the initial explanation of the benefits of solar to final steps of approval, my family and I feel confident in the product we purchased. The panels were installed with care and perfection. Ryon and his crew were also very cognizant of health and safety when entering our home, which we absolutely appreciate having three little girls. They continue to be very responsive even when we had chimney issues (literally days after the panels were installed). I couldn’t have asked for a better team of professionals. I look forward saving tons of money in the future. I highly recommend Onsite.

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Westchester, NY

New York offers plenty for residents and tourists alike. From beautiful greenery to stunning buildings and ample sunshine, New York is the place to be year-round.

Westchester County residents know one of the best ways to take advantage of the area’s immaculate sunshine is by installing solar panels.

When you hire a solar installer in Westchester County, NY, not only are you making an environmentally friendly decision but a cost-wise one. Solar power gives property owners the ability to turn the sun’s rays into electricity for their residences. As a result, utility bills drop while appliances and devices remain fully functional, thanks to reliable power and clean, renewable energy. 


At Onsite Energy USA, we aim to help Westchester residents of all walks of life embrace the unique capabilities of solar panel power. With solar panels, you don’t have to rely on the local energy plant to supply your house with sufficient electricity. Instead, your home generates it for you, cutting your reliance on the utility company and drastically reducing your monthly utility bills.

Contact our team today to learn more and see what solar power can do for you!

Let a Solar Installer in Westchester County, NY, Give You Reliable Power

Between 2008 and 2017, over 18 million residents in New York experienced power outages. Although outages are unpredictable, there’s no denying that they can cause a lot of stress for Westchester home and commercial property owners.

Without reliable energy, routine tasks like cooking, laundry, and even working become significantly more complicated. Additionally, when the power goes out, you must wait and rely on the utility company to restore it.

Instead of depending on the energy company, take matters into your own hands and turn your house into a personal source of electricity. At Onsite Energy USA, we can show you how our top-of-the-line solar panels can deliver sufficient power to your residence every day. We offer services for home solar, commercial solar, and everything in between.

With a battery backup system, you no longer have to worry about unexpected outages. Battery backups store excess solar energy for your commercial or residential property. When the electricity goes out, the solar battery backup storage system delivers hours of clean, reliable electricity.

As a result, you get round-the-clock electricity regardless of weather, time of day, or city-wide outages.

Before installing your Westchester solar panels, our experts will provide a solar storage overview and show you how battery backups work. Then, you can have peace of mind knowing your house will receive consistent and reliable energy 24/7.

Close-up aerial shot showing a large roof covered with rows of solar panels, with the sun casting shadows on the grassy backyard.

New York Is One of the Best Places to Go Solar

New York Is One of the Best Places to Go Solar
Westchester County has an average of 200 sunny days yearly. As a result, we have not only ample opportunities for outdoor picnics but also solar energy! However, hundreds of sunny days every year is just one of many reasons New York is one of the best areas to go solar.

Here are some more reasons
to go solar in Westchester.

Installation Costs

Many Westchester property owners hesitate to install solar panels because of the upfront cost. While installing solar panels is an investment, it quickly pays for itself. In addition, the cost of rooftop solar panels in New York is drastically dropping, allowing more people to quit their reliance on the utility company and go solar.

In fact, the cost of installing solar panels in New York has dropped by 11% over the last five years. As renewable energy becomes more and more popular, there’s no better time to go solar than now!

New York
Solar Incentives

Many property owners in Westchester are unaware that installing solar panels makes them eligible for New York solar incentives.

For example, installing Westchester County solar panels on your house or building can qualify you for New York’s state solar tax credits. You can take your credit amount as a deduction on your taxable income or directly off tax payments. New York caps the tax credit at $5,000, but you can claim it for your vacation home or primary residence, as well as for new builds or established properties.

In addition, the U.S. Federal Government offers a tax credit of 30% for your entire installation cost.

At Onsite Energy USA, our Westchester County solar installers can help you explore the multiple financial advantages of installing a home solar system, including various rebates, grants, and other potential solar incentives. Reach out to us today to learn more!

Our Solar Install Process in Westchester, NY

As you can see, Westchester solar panel installation offers numerous benefits, whether you are a homeowner or a property manager. So, how does the installation process work?

At Onsite Energy USA, we know a lot goes into a successful installation project. Without the right tools or knowledge, you could experience a wide range of problems with your solar panels. Fortunately, we have plenty of experience installing high-quality solar panels for all types of properties. 

Every property is unique, so we customize each installation project. However, all our solar installations include the following steps.

Aerial view of a large, luxurious two-story home with blue-gray shingles, featuring several solar panels on the roof, set amidst a vast, grassy landscape with neatly trimmed bushes and a curving driveway.
an aerial view of a house with a car parked in front showing solar panel installation
Aerial view of a modern two-story house with a prominent array of solar panels on the roof, surrounded by lush green trees in a residential area.
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Get to Know You and
Your Energy Needs

To ensure you get the best solar panels for your energy needs, we take various steps to get to know you and your Westchester property.

In order to determine which solar system works best for your Westchester home, we schedule an initial consultation to discuss your energy needs, location, and various other factors.

During the initial consultation, we can also discuss whether you want to own or lease your solar panels. Many property owners opt for leasing due to the lower upfront costs.

However, owning your solar panels gives you a greater return on investment.
Our experts can help evaluate your options and make the best decision for your energy needs and budget.

To better understand your property’s electrical needs, we send one of our professionals to inspect the area and provide a free solar evaluation. During this visit, we will also take various measurements to ensure we install the right size panels.
We know our customers in Westchester have several questions regarding solar panels and installation, especially if they are new to it. That’s why we take the time to answer your questions, explain what happens next, and make sure you understand everything.
Once we have all the necessary measurements and information, we create a proposal outlining every detail of the project. Our proposals also include information about Westchester, New York incentives and federal tax credits. Upon your approval, we both sign the contract, then our team gets to work!

Start Installing Panels

Any reputable solar installer in Westchester has the equipment, experience, and skills to securely install solar panels on any property type. At Onsite Energy USA, we use high-end tools and solar panels to install high-quality and reliable solar systems.

The duration of an installation varies with every project. However, our expert installer can typically complete the job in a day or two. To ensure maximum safety and efficiency, we send two or three installers to your property.

After securing your panels and testing the system, we clean up our workspace and let you enjoy cleaner, greener energy!

Aerial view of a house with vibrant terracotta-tiled roofs, equipped with blue solar panels. The house has a large chimney and is surrounded by other residential buildings.

Our Solar Install Process in Westchester, NY

Although solar costs are continuously decreasing in Westchester and the rest of New York, the installation of solar panels still requires a significant investment. As a result, home and business owners remain hesitant to embrace solar energy.

Our solar team at Onsite Energy USA believes everyone deserves access to clean, renewable energy without putting a strain on their finances. That’s why we offer flexible and affordable financing options for those looking to go solar in Westchester.

We partner with New York’s best financing companies to ensure customers like you can achieve electrical independence without breaking the bank. However, our financing options aren’t the only ways we make solar panel installation more affordable. We also offer equipment and service warranties, giving you peace of mind knowing you have a reliable solar investment.

Regardless of financing options, installing solar panels is an investment that pays for itself. The average family in New York enjoys a return on investment (ROI) of 15 to 25%, thanks to the various rebates, incentives, and utility bill reductions.
A brick single-story house with a solar panel system installed on both the roof and an attached carport. The house has a large front yard and sits in a serene neighborhood.

Why Choose Onsite Energy USA for Your Westchester County Solar Needs?

Since New York is one of the best places to go solar, residents here have multiple options for solar providers. So what makes us different?

At Onsite Energy USA, we believe solar panel service should be an enjoyable experience instead of a chore. Rather than having you sign a contract and disrupt your daily routine, we work closely with you from the very beginning to the final walk-through.

When you first reach out to our installers, we take the time to get to know you, your home or property, and your electrical needs. We are also happy to answer all of your questions and explain every step of our process.

As fellow New York residents, we understand the importance of saving money. That's why we do everything we can to help make your solar installation more affordable, from flexible financing plans to New York and federal incentives and tax credits. When it comes to saving you money, we leave no stone unturned.

When it comes time to install your panels, we take extra care to respect your property and your time. Our installers always show up when scheduled with everything they need to safely and efficiently install your solar system. When we finish, we carefully check the results and ensure you are completely satisfied with everything from the panels to our customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Westchester Solar Panels

The cost to install any solar system depends on several factors, such as your location, solar provider, and property type. However, the national average for a 2,500-square-foot house is currently between $15,000 and $21,000.

To cover 100% of energy costs for a 2,500-square-foot house, you will likely need between 28 and 32 solar panels. Our installers at Onsite Energy USA can take careful measurements of your house to determine your exact energy needs and the number of panels needed.

If your house is 1,500 square feet, you will likely need between 15 and 18 panels to provide sufficient whole-home power. Our installers can help you determine how many you need based on your electrical needs, location, and budget.

The profit margin for installers varies significantly depending on the type of panels, initial cost, etc. However, the average quarterly profit margin (as of September 2022) is around 3.34%.

When it comes to Westchester solar companies, you have several options, including New York State Solar Farm and Kassleman Solar. If you want a company in Westchester County with years of experience, industry-leading equipment, and top-rated installers, reach out to our team at Onsite Energy USA!

The average cost for solar panels in Westchester County is currently around $14,280 and $19,329. You can get an estimate for your home by calling our solar experts at (845) 244-1944.

Close-up aerial shot showing a large roof covered with rows of solar panels, with the sun casting shadows on the grassy backyard.
Aerial view of a modern two-story house with a prominent array of solar panels on the roof, surrounded by lush green trees in a residential area.
an aerial view of a house with a car parked in front showing solar panel installation

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If you want clean electricity that reduces your utility bills while delivering reliable energy round-the-clock, it’s time to consider solar panels. At Onsite Energy USA, we know solar power offers numerous advantages to property owners in Westchester. From renewable energy to financial incentives, there’s no better time to switch to solar than now!

Our team has proudly helped hundreds of Westchester property owners embrace solar energy through high-quality, efficient solar panel installation. To ensure everyone can afford cleaner energy, we offer various financing options and make sure every customer knows about the different New York and federal incentives.

Whether you need Westchester solar residential panels or commercial, we are the team to call for all your solar needs!

Call our experts at Onsite Energy USA at (845) 244-1944 to talk to an experienced solar installer in Westchester County, NY, today!
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